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About Traditional Art / Artist IcefireStarfireFemale/United States Group :iconred-tide-acres: Red-Tide-Acres
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Mishap in the Wilds
Shaye couldn't quite remember what day it was. 
The moment the village had disappeared from sight, Charles had rudely bucked her off and made her walk after his great lumbering form. She still had a few bruises from that event, so it had most likely only been a few days at most. Great, so much for bonding, she thought grumpily as she swatted a mosquito aside. The relentless insects seemed to be as numerous as the sweat beads on her forehead. Dumb jungle.
"Cha-a-a-rles," she tried sweetly, "we'd get to the lake faster if I just directed you where to go..." The shi'vali didn't stop walking. Instead, Charles made some weird groaning sounds that sounded suspiciously like he was making fun of her. 
"Not. Funny!" The last word came out as a yelp as she tripped ungracefully over a particularly thick tree root. "Oww...," she complained dramatically when she was on the other side, hoping that Charles would change his mind. He didn't.
"How come everyone else<
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The New Journey
The hill seemed to go on forever, especially with the solid weight of the saddle she carried, but she pushed on in the predawn light. This was going to be an important day, and she couldn't afford to waste time and shame herself by taking a break. Besides, she'd be on her way soon enough as long as the weather stayed well.
At the top of the hill, she lay the saddle down on a smooth stone and untangled the buckles and loops at the bottom to remove a matching bridle and saddle cloth from where it had all been securely tucked away. She made sure that all the parts were still in good shape--it had been a little while since her last bonding experience, and she really didn't want something to break off due to poor care when she presented herself to the village.
When she was satisfied that things were as it should be, she cupped her hands to her mouth. "Charles?" she called softly, then louder: "Chaaaarles! Come, Charles! Come!"
The trees stayed quiet. Shaye felt a prickle of unease on the ba
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$10/1000 Points flat rate per design, can do simple to medium complexity foal designs for most HARPGs, and geno import designs for many ARPGs! Feel free to check here (clickable!) for more examples!
I may be willing to try more difficult designs, but the price for those will be on a case-by-case basis! Let me know if you'd prefer to pay via Paypal instead!
$9/900 Points per traditional fullbody, comes with transparent background. Good as reference images, or resize for use as pagedolls. Minor fixes allowed.
Let me know if you'd like to pay via Paypal instead! 
$5/500 Points per traditional headshot. Comes with transparent BG. Good as reference images/profile decal. Minor fixes allowed.
Let me know if you'd like to pay with Paypal instead!





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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Well, hello, this is IcefireStarfire
(otherwise known as the Chinese-German dragon ((long story))
I wonder if art contests will try to report you for plagiarism if they find your deviantART without knowing it's yours??? Awkward...
Anyway, about me--
  • Rule of thumb is I will usually never take on a task without the intention of actually doing it (even if it takes me a million years apparently--but I do try my best), so there's a plus for you!
  • Most of my work never makes it to dA because I quite vehemently hate 99% of the things I make HA
    -- I don't put full versions of my poetry on dA due to words being harder to recognize than pictures; plus they're sporadic and all other literature I do tends to be empty.
  • I mainly work with traditional mediums, but sometimes I experiment with other things. Sculptures are fun. I like to paint occasionally but I also really hate the process xD
  • I'd love to work digitally but as I am limited to a mouse and sometimes just a trackpad if I'm on the go, I don't do it much because it gets very painful ;A;

ARPG Status:
Starborn Alignment: CS + Favor Tracker - Character List
Draco-Stryx: Red Tide Aviary
Tokotas: Red Tide Tokotas
HARPG: Red Tide Acres
DARPG: Red Tide Kennels
Other: Red Tide's Other ARPGs (Shi'vali, Felvargs, etc)
Want to RP? HIT ME UP
I mostly RP for the purposes of practicing character building and writing b/c I am so crap at stories ugh.


IcefireStarfire has started a donation pool!
100 / 5,000
All donations are welcome--mostly would like core membership, but that's not really important haha. More likely will end up putting this stuff to funding for future ideas. Thank you if you donate!

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